Wasting Time & Wasting Life

Wasting Time & Wasting Life

Romeo Rocks
1,500 JPY

Pop punk rock band ROMEO ROCKS finally released first full length packed with their 13 years!

Their sound style is catchy and straight, influenced by melodic punk and skateboard culture around 2000.

The content ranges from refreshing fast songs to slow ballads that hit the lacrimal gland.

This is a real punk rock album with 100% purity!

Track List:

  1. That Bitch
  2. Sick
  3. The Way It's Supposed To Be
  4. Memory
  5. The Love Song
  6. Another Life
  7. My Friend
  8. Ordinary Days
  9. She Lives Next Door
  10. 10 Years
  11. My Revolution
  12. I'm Sorry