Break Down The Hate

Break Down The Hate

Take Back The Beers!
1,200 JPY

90s style melodic punk band Take Back The Beers. Lost Commitment has performed with many legendary hardcores. This split EP like heterogeneous martial arts!

Take Back The Beers! Includes two new melodious and hardcore songs, a cover for the Lost Commitment song, and a cover for NoFX’s famous song “Bob”.
Lost Commitment includes one new song, one re-recorded song, a cover for Take Back The Beers !, and a cover for Pennywise’s favorite song “Fuck Authority” that everyone loves!

Track List:

  1. No Face / Take Back The Beers!
  2. Pride / Lost Commitment
  3. The Missing / Take Back The Beers!
  4. Respect With Trust / Lost Commitment
  5. Destruction By The Creation / Take Back The Beers!
  6. That's All That Matters / Lost Commitment
  7. Bob / Take Back The Beers!
  8. F**k Authority / Lost Commitment