Take Back The Beers!

Take Back The Beers!


Shiro - Drums & lead vocals
Non-non - Guitar & lead vocals
Hisawo - Bass & vocals
Takuma - Guitar & vocals


Formed in May 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. They are drum vocal style that are rare in Japan.
Their taste is catchy and destructive sound influenced by both 90s American melodic punk and old school hardcore.

After releasing the first album Invisible Hand in 2010, the band participated in several split EPs and compilations. In addition, they released Flaming Wreckage EP in 2014, and in 2017 released a Floating Floodwood EP that included only acoustic songs.
While constantly presenting sound sources, he co-starred with many foreign artists such as Authority Zero, Belvedere, F.O.D, Teenage Bottle Rocket and others.

They conduct self management on their labels and develop independent activities.